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Petite Rivière St-Francois, a charming little village among a few others in this magnificent region of Charlevoix.  A small, peaceful, inviting and above all welcoming village, bordering the majestic St. Lawrence River and home to the world famous ski slopes of Le Massif.  A small village where the very latest world famous Club Med was recently opened. A small village where we will now be creating a magnificent housing condominium complex by Nature Immobilier. 


    This complex, called Le Riverain, will be located on Du Quai Street, in the heart of the village itself, immediately next to the river, at most ten minutes from the Massif and 15 minutes from the magnificent municipality of Baie St-Paul, known in particular for its its art galleries, restaurants and terraces, as well as for its retail stores.  


    The Le Riverain complex will be made up of buildings of different sizes, some of which will be set over two floors while most will be on one floor. Some will include a garage while most will have outdoor parking. Its sought-after architecture, although in keeping with its environment, will be contemporary. Its proximity to the river will offer many possibilities and activities to all lovers of water sports and nature.  


Le Riverain; a unique project waiting for you!


Unifamilial 2 étages - Type A

Copropriété 2 étages - Type B

Copropriété 2 étages - Type C

Espaces intérieurs